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Spend less time 
raising climate capital.

Customizable and free.

climateXcapital accelerates your climate impact by assessing your capital needs, matching you with the right funders, and making warm intros.
We save your time so you can save the planet


As a climate founder, crafting your capital journey is mission-critical and takes significant time and effort. climateXcapital streamlines your fundraising process.

Know when to raise capital and how much.

what kind of
capital to raise.

Are you an entrepreneur? 

Get recommendations across grants, equity and debt providers.

Get warm introductions with the right funder

The climate space is still maturing so it can take forever to understand who the players are, making it hard to execute a high velocity raise. Fundraising is very time consuming and stretched out. With cXc's database and investor insights, we reached the right people and saved a lot of time in the process, allowing us to focus on building a business that will really make a difference and create impact.

Mansi Jain, CEO, Digital Paani


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Trees From Above

climateXcapital is here to unlock capital and accelerate climate investments in the Global South. We help climate organisations access funding and scale, and capital allocators to find and connect with the most promising climate organisations.

If you are a climate organisation or capital allocator and align with our mission,

get in touch at

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