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1. Why did we start cXc?/ Why do we think a platform like cXc should exist?

cXc solves the information asymmetry problem that exists with respect to accessing climate finance in India. While there are many funding instruments available to fund climate solutions, entrepreneurs don’t fully understand the nuances of these different instruments thereby limiting them. cXc is an open-source platform created to ensure zero gatekeeping with respect to climate finance information. We believe that organisations with the highest potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions should receive capital, and access to the right networks shouldn’t be the bottleneck.

2. What makes cXc different from other climate ecosystem enablers/ platforms?

The Indian climate ecosystem does not have a platform that provides open-source knowledge about climate finance to help solution creators explore and co-opt all types of climate funding available across grant, equity and debt. This is where cXc comes in.

3. Who started cXc?

cXc was started as a project by Anshuman Bapnaa from and Ashish Goel, seasoned climate investor and CEO of Urban Ladder.

4. How can cXc database help me?

The database helps you to identify the right type of capital and the right funder for your organization based on your thematic focus area and stage. You access this and much more information through filters on the database

5. Is the database free to access and use?

Yes, the database is designed to be free and accessible to all climate entrepreneurs and nonprofits that want to raise funds. The insights and analytics will be a paid feature for ecosystem enablers to use and will be unlocked down the road. We are committed to helping founders and nonprofits free of cost to ensure the democratic and inclusive distribution of climate finance knowledge.

6. I filtered through the database but couldn’t find a funder that supports my thematic focus area. What should I do?

If you do not find a funder that supports work in your focus area, please reach out to to call this out. We will check in our network and align our database to your needs.

7. How much should I raise? Is grant, equity or debt better for my climate organisation?

Grants, equity and debt have different roles to play in the journey of a climate organisation. Before answering which funding type is better. You will need to identify the following:- 1. What will the money be used for (R&D and/or scaling the business)? 2. How much tech and what kind (hardware vs. software) are you deploying in your product/service? 3. What are the outcomes you are looking for at the end of the funding round?

8. What is the best stage to ask for a grant, equity and debt?

No two organisations go through the same climate fundraising journey. Grants come in handy if you are an early-stage organisation where the product or technology is still in the lab. Equity is useful for climate software companies that have more visibility on their product-market-fit and need to unlock growth. Debt is useful for climate hardware startups that have asset-heavy operations.

9. What should I have ready before I approach funders?

This really depends on the stage of the organisation. If you are at the growth stage, your numbers will do the talking. But if you are at the seed stage - proof of concept or just an idea on paper, the following things might help you. Definitely have a solid pitch and a tentative idea about what will engage the potential users for YOUR idea. Also have a thesis on how your solution directly solves the problem, and also at what scale does it solve the problem. A clear, logical thesis on your solution or idea always helps. Ideally, a logic model that supports your claims or evidence from experiments, and surveys that support your ideas helps with being taken seriously by funders. Most of all, show action. Investors look for evidence - either in your previous work or in your idea.

10. How do I know who are the right funders for me?

Refer to the database here and use the following filters. -Sector focus -Financing Mechanism - debt, equity, grant, business support -Fund focus -Geographic focus -Investment Stage Please note: The next update of cXc will focus on the following filters Best suited for - -Fund type -Climate Investments - India -Climate Investments - global -Office/ Team in India -Fund Size -Investment Size In case you would like to see other filters, please reach out Tell us what other filters would you be interested in.

11. Will climateXcapital connect me to funders?

Yes, cXc will connect you to capital providers if you fit their investment thesis, based on your idea/pitch, finance journey and need for capital. The connections are made on a "fit-basis" to maximize impact for both parties and are entirely within cXc's discretion.

12. I run a climate NGO, will cXc support me in my fundraising journey?

Yes, cXc will help identify the right grant funder for your organisation.

13. How can I contribute to the database?

If you are a climate funder and your funding details are not on the database, please add it using the form here:

14. How do I partner with you?

Please write to if you have a clear ask on how you can be part of our mission

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