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climateXcapital's mission is to enable capital for climate efforts in the Global South to turbo-charge and scale up innovative climate solutions. 

The negative impact of climate change on the Global South, particularly low and middle income countries (LMICs) will be catastrophic. The need for big innovations and systemic shifts, emerging from, and intended for the Global South is therefore more immediate and urgent. Nurturing and scaling up these innovations requires capital. Particularly important is the matching of the capital based on different kinds of solutions at different stages of evolution based on the nature of start-up. The good news is that large amounts of such capital in different hues and shapes is available globally.

climateXcapital is on a mission to remove multiple obstacles on the capital journey for climate innovators, by enabling them to do the following:

  • Understand what is the kind of capital and capital provider that are most relevant

  • Be informed, who are those capital providers, and how to access them

climateXcapital wants to support the solvers and creators in the Global South, connecting them to catalysts and the right capital. We exist to find them, nurture them, work with them, and in the process supercharge their growth for a better planet. If you want to know more about our story, check out this blog post. 


Prajakta Formal 1.jpg

Prajakta Kuwalekar


Johann Fernandes

Megha pic.jpeg

Megha Sehgal


Annu Talreja.webp

Annu Talreja

vishnu rajeev.jpeg

Vishnu Rajeev

Ashish goel.jpeg

Ashish Goel

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Anshuman Bapna

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